Punny Names

What’s the deal with breadboards, and why don’t I see any actual bread?

It's a name that goes back to the early days of electronics circuit building where experimenters would hammer nails into wooden breadboards and use them as connection points for their circuits. Today a breadboard is the most common way to quickly build circuits without needing to solder anything together.

So a Breadstick is what exactly?

It's a breadstick for your breadboard! Yeah, we think we're funny. It's long, thin, and designed to make breadboarding better! It's a development board based on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's RP2040 microcontroller.

Community & Support

Do I need to have a PhD in Electronics to start?

Not at all! Our kits and our learning site, learn.breadstick.ca, are tailored for curious minds of all levels, especially beginners. If you're reading this FAQ, you're more than qualified to dive in.

Where can I find support if I get stuck?

The best support comes from the community you'll find on our Breadstick Innovations Discord Server. It's a great place to ask questions, help each other, and show off your latest projects! You're also welcome to send a message to info@breadstick.ca

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take for my kit to arrive?

We're a Canadian company and most of our products ship out of Edmonton, with the exception of the Raspberry Breadstick also being stocked by Mouser's warehouse in Texas. Shipping from Edmonton typically takes 3-5 business days to North America, could take a bit longer for far away destinations. Our shipping policy can be found here

What if I need to return or exchange something?

You can find our return policy here for more information.