I2C Sensor Croutons

Get connected to sensors fast! I2C on bus rails makes it easy to quickly add, swap, and move sensor croutons! The example code on our learning site will get you up and running in minutes!

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Breadstick Lite

We baked a batch of Breadstick Lites! These are perfect for when you want the convenience of Breadstick but don't need a built in IMU or LED strip. Don't fret, the IMU is available as a Crouton!

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Boombox is Here!

Breadsticks can make music! You can store an MP3 on them and play them back, or you can use them as synthesizers and make your own music using the Synthio Circuit Python Library! However you like making music, this I2S audio amp will let you easily drive whatever speakers you have lying around!

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Did You Order Your Breadstick During The Crowd Supply Campaign?

We want to thank you with a 25% OFF coupon! Give us a shout with your Crowd Supply order ID and we'll send you a coupon code.