Christmas Tree DIY Kit

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Build Yourself An LED Christmas Tree Ornament!

Also available as a fully-assembled unit

These gorgeous green Christmas trees dazzle with their display of LED ornaments and authentic gold trim. It doesn't just look like gold; these boards are genuinely coated in real gold!

These DIY electronics kits are designed for those who enjoy fun soldering projects. Don't worry, we did the hard part; the microcontroller comes soldered and programmed. Our clever circuit design uses bi-directional LEDs in a special Charlieplexing arrangement so you won't have to be overly careful about the orientation of these LEDs; just place and solder, any orientation will work fine and look great. This design is extremely beginner-friendly and makes a great gift for someone curious about exploring electronics and is such a great way to spend some quality time with someone you cherish, this holiday season!

Click here for soldering and assembly instructions

All units are Lead-Free and come with a 2032 Coin-Cell battery.