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A kit of different shapes and sizes of led lights

Pico Slice Series

Solder your own development platforms! Our Pico Slice project kits offer hands-on experience with detailed build guides and Circuit Python coding tutorials!

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Microcontrollers and code are everywhere! They're in your microwave, your computer keyboard, your VR controllers, dishwasher, and more! By building our kits, you will learn how hardware and software come together to make the modern world possible, and prepare you to build the future!

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Three sandwich-like rgb color mixers

Wouldn't it be cool if...

Have you ever imagined a cool device or thought there could be a better way to do something? If so, then there's a maker, artist, and engineer inside of you. Our guided projects will build your skillset so that you can bring your ideas to life!

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Pico Slice 1 | RGB Mixer

Pico Slice 1 | RGB Mixer The perfect soldering kit to get started with exploring electronics and programming microcontrollers! Follow our interactive guides that teach you how to solder each component and assemble your new development platform. Starting from absolute basics and with increasing complexity, each of our Pico Slice boards comes with a series of programming guides that teaches...
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